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What is PoE

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LAN cable provided through wireless access point (AP) required for power supply, connect the power cable without a separate power supply

PoE (Power over Ethernet, PoE) is a kind of power supply integrated into standard LAN device technology. It can be used via a network connection using the same cable, the power supply to the network devices such as IP phones or network cameras. Thus, the location of the camera will not need to pass an electrical outlet to supply power to the camera, through the use of centralized UPS (uninterruptible power supply, uninterruptible power supplies) way to ensure that the equipment 7x24 hours of uninterrupted operation, while simplifying management.

Follow on IEEE 802.3af PoE technology standards, and data communications without compromising network performance, reduce network-wide network devices based on the power supply. When a PoE end devices to access the LAN, the LAN equipment and power supply will be automatically activated automatically when the device does not support PoE terminal access, the LAN device will automatically stop power supply. This feature enables users to freely mix in its original network equipment and PoE compatible devices.

This standard may be in the switch or midspan (midspan) side to provide 15.4W of power conversion to the device / camera side maximum 12.9W power - ideal for indoor cameras are used. Similar PTZ dome cameras and outdoor cameras, their power will usually exceed the above value, thus the PoE function becomes less suitable. Some vendors also provide non-standard products to meet the needs of such applications, but need to pay attention to that, because these products are non-standard, and in between different brands of products there will be no interoperability. 802.3af standard power supply also provides support for grading, make PoE device for power between the terminal equipment and consultations. This means that an intelligent switch device for terminal equipment (cameras) to provide adequate (not redundant) power supply, can have the ability to serve more switches PoE output.

Using Power over Ethernet

PoE via a standard network cable (example: 5 cable), connect the device directly from the network data transfer port on the switch for power. Now, most manufacturers have built-in network switches support PoE function. If you already have the appropriate network / switch device, the customer simply by increasing cross to the switch (Midspan) can experience the PoE function, across the main role is to give added power lines. All no built-in PoE-enabled network cameras, can by using the Active PoE splitter integrated into the system in the past.

The following diagram shows how the network camera is receiving power through the network cable, and even power-down occurs, the system can still support via UPS continued to work properly.

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